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coffee grinder kitchen New 12 Cup Plastic Coffee Grinder in Black

coffee grinder kitchen New 12 Cup Plastic Coffee Grinder in Black

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Brand Name: HAOYUNMA

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: UL

Unlock the delicious characteristics of your coffee beans with the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Electric Coffee Grinder with Multiple Settings. Freshly ground beans brew the richest-tasting coffee, and different grind sizes offer optimal flavor for different brewing techniques. This coffee bean grinder has three grind settings, letting you choose between a coarse grind for French presses, medium grind for drip coffee makers, and fine grind for espresso machines. The Press 'n Pour lid has a wide opening for easy filling and dispensing, while the Chamber Maid cleaning system lets you clean the chamber walls with a simple twist and turn. Markings inside the chamber allow you to grind from 4 to 12 cups - the exact amount needed for the coffee you are brewing. The grinding chamber is also removable for easy cleaning. Wipe plastic clean with a damp rag. In addition to coffee, this electrical grinder is also great for grinding spices or for adding a fresh sprinkle of cinnamon to your coffee. This new coffee grinder is a great addition to any kitchen.

  • Electric coffee grinder for the richest, most flavorful coffee
  • 3 grind settings let you choose between coarse, medium, and fine grounds
  • Great for drip coffee makers, espresso machines, and French presses
  • Press 'n Pour lid with wide opening for easy filling and dispensing
  • Chamber Maid cleaning system cleans grounds from chamber walls
  • Measured chamber lets you grind from 4 to 12 cups
  • Removable chamber for easy cleaning
  • Also great for grinding spices

Mr. Coffee has been brewing great-tasting coffee in the comfort of people's homes since 1970. As times continue to change, one thing remains constant-the love of coffee and the joy and convenience of brewing it at home. Mr. Coffee continues to offer high-quality and easy-to-use coffee makers for coffee lovers of all types. Whether you're looking for a classic drip coffee maker with a simple switch operation, or a programmable coffee maker that lets you customize your coffee experience, our coffee makers come in many different designs, so there's sure to be a Mr. Coffee coffee maker that's just right for you-and one that will look great in your kitchen. Our specialty coffee makers include a range of options-make great-tasting iced coffee with our iced coffee maker, espresso-based drinks with a Mr. Coffee espresso machine or cappuccino machine, pour-over coffee with our easy at-home system, and more. To brew great-tasting drinks at home you also need the right accessories, so if you're looking for an easy-to-use coffee grinder for the freshest flavor, a reusable coffee   for less waste, or a replaceable water   for better-tasting coffee every time, Mr. Coffee can help.

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Plastic Coffee Grinder in Black: CKRVSK11

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