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E27 1S/1SE Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Colorful 800 Lumens Lemon Smart Lamp For Mijia App Work With Apple Homekit

E27 1S/1SE Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Colorful 800 Lumens Lemon Smart Lamp For Mijia App Work With Apple Homekit

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Brand Name: Yeelight

Certification: ce

Item Type: LED Bulbs

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

• Colorful 800 lumens :Enjoy a vibrant and bright room with the colorful 800 lumens this LED bulb provides.

• Works with Apple HomeKit :Control your lights from anywhere using your iPhone with Apple HomeKit integration.

• Yeelight smart lamp :This smart lamp is designed to work with the Mijia app, allowing you to customize your lighting experience.

• Certification: CE :This LED bulb is certified by CE, ensuring its safety and quality.

E27 1s/1SE Yeelight smart LED bulb colorful 800 lumens lemon smart lamp for Mijia app work with Apple HomeKit

Yeelight 1S se colorful bulb E27 smart app WiFi remote control smart LED light colorful temperature lamp for Xiaomi MiJia Mi Home

Note: For the sake of beauty, the designer omits the text. The bulb reads "220V-240V", and the package reads "220V". The actual parameters of the product support 100V-240V.

Update Colorful version:

1600 million colors for choice
With high-quality LED lamp beads, the eyes are fully protected. At the same time, the color temperature in 1700K and 6500K, 1600 million colors for choice
Freely adjust the color brightness
Can adjust the brightness according to your needs. Let the light change with your needs. (5300K above lighting allows better concentration)
WiFi connection
Built-in WiFi module, you can connect to the WiFi without Gateway and smart control it by mobile phone
APP lauguage setting
Change the language settting on your phone to English and then download Xiaomi Smart Home App, it will change the language of the APP to English as well
11 yeasrs lifespan
An average of 9000 hours of light decline with only 8%

Yeelight 1s (colorful):
- Awaken the vitality of the home with color
Yeelight LED smart bulb 1S (color version) support color temperature and brightness adjustment and panchromatic range color adjustment, support XIAOMI MIJIA and Apple Homekit dual smart system. Myriad colors, gorgeous changes, more intelligent, more outstanding.
- 16 million colors
It personalizes your lighting with a color palette of over 16 million colors and different tones of white - from warm white to vibrant blue white.
- Dream rhythm, light "dance" with music
Turn on the "Music Rhythm" feature in the mobile app, and the lights will "dance" with the music. Festive revelry, energetic parties, lights to help you.
- Support for Homekit and Mijia, play smart home linkage
Connect to Mijia and Apple Homekit, and siri and Little love to help you turn on the lights. Link more intelligent hardware, own design personalized scenes, more play only depends on your imagination.
- Mobile phone APP + Voice control energy saving
Support remote control, mainstream platform voice control. Adjust the lights with sound for convenience and fun.
- Energy saving
The new generation of light bulb 1S scent power 8.5W, light efficiency of up to 94lm/W, 15% more energy-saving than the previous generating, saving you power.

Yeelight 1SE (colorful):
Original Yeelight smart LED bulb 1SE (global version)
work with 100V-240V

1) The bulb control by APP yeelight / google Assistant / Smartthings etc .
Voice Control, Operate without Leaving Sofa
Yeelight 1SE smart LED bulb support voice control, which saves you the trouble of getting up to turn on / off lights. Support Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa.
16 Million Colors to Suit Your Every Need
16 million colors are available, which can change the bright colors according to different festival and scene needs. You can switch colors freely. A variety of lighting scenes create different atmosphere effects for you.
Color Picking, Combined with Practicality and Fun
When you point the scanning area of the light bulb to an object, the colored light bulb can change to the color of the object in real time. This function increases your interaction with the light bulb, and also increases the fun of the light bulb.
Color Temperature Adjustment, Always Find the Most Comfortable Light
Yeelight 1SE smart LED bulb can adjust the brightness and color temperature. Cool white light with high brightness and color temperature can be used to provide a clear working environment. Use warm yellow light with low brightness and color temperature to create a comfortable sleeping environment.
Sync Lights with Music
Yeelight 1SE intelligent LED bulb can sync with the rhythm of music, turn on the music mode, the bulb will sense the change of the surrounding rhythm, and can switch any color. Very suitable for use when gathering with friends.
6W Ultra-low Power Consumption, More Energy Saving
Yeelight 1SE smart LED bulbs consuming only 6W, saving energy and using less power than normal incandescent bulbs.
Moonlight Mode Accompany You To Fall Asleep Quickly
When you switch the bulb to moonlight mode, it emits a light as light and comfortable as moonlight, allowing you to sleep peacefully.
Other Features
Simple installation: Direct installation without hub
On / off timer: You can preset the light bulb switch
25,000 hours lifespan:Super durability and stability
Yeelight colorful smart LED bulb 1S
Yeelight 1SE

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